It is my absolute passion to train and share my love of yoga and expertise with new students and watch them go on to become inspirational and high quality teachers.

FitYoga has been some 30+ years in the making and all of my experiences both in and outwith the health, wellness and spiritual fields have contiributed and shaped it into the holistic, dynamic and comprehensive program it is today. Therefore I want to share the first of a two part blog about why FitYoga teacher training can help you to become an authority on the global market .

Reasons Nr. 1-5 .

1. FitYoga is based on the energetic fusion of traditional Hatha yoga, dynamic Vinyasa flow and core strengthening Pilates and gymnastics elements. Once you learn the 90 minutes FitYoga sequence, your yoga classes will definitely become unique and attractive for yogis and fitness enthusiasts who look for something effective but different from the mainstream!

2. In FitYoga I integrated my 25 years of body consciousness with mental and spiritual work as a former gymnastics champion of Hungary, certified yoga teacher, life coach, NLP practitioner, massage therapist, Reiki master and fitness trainer. Integrating all these different fields of expertise in one FitYoga Teacher Training program makes it life-changing for all the participants.

3. FitYoga is not just a regular yoga practice, but it is an integrated holistic system which combines alkalizing plant-based nutrition, personal development through spiritual coaching, muscular strengthening through vigorous Pilates and gymnastics elements, energetic healing through harmonizing the chakras with the FitYoga sequence. The training gives you a unique twist which enables you to offer something slightly different to many traditional yoga classes and something your clients will love!

4. I was professional gymnast for 13 years, and suffered many injuries in my wrists, shoulders and in lower back. In fact my back injuries were so severe that I had to stop my gymnastics career and doctors wanted to operate on me. However, I did not accept it and I decided to become pain free without any operation. I visited top physiotherapists, yoga and Pilates teachers to learn from them to succeed with my mission. This is how FitYoga was developed throughout the years of vigorous practice and that is why therapeutic lower back strengthening exercises and Pilates elements are integral part of the FitYoga sequence. Unfortunately there are many yoga teachers out there lacking of teaching core integration and muscular strengthening, focusing only on flexibility. In FitYoga flexibility and strong muscular system, especially strong core stability go hand in hand. That is the core of FitYoga science!

5. As a Reiki master I witness the importance of active energetic system everyday both with myself and my clients. If our chakras are blocked, the energy flow is obstructed which leads to all kinds of disease manifested in the physical body. I developed the FitYoga sequence in a way that it activates all the chakras, boosting the metabolism and immune system. Opening the two divine chakras (crown chakra and third eye) with inversions have a special role in FitYoga as they are responsible for getting connected to our higher self, leaving behind our physical limitations and ego created self-limiting beliefs like fears, doubts, self-pity etc.