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Can’t do wheel pose?

Can’t do wheel pose? (Urdhva Dhanurasana) One day I thought to lift myself into wheel pose, a pose that I still did with ease in my 20’s. To my amazement I could not keep myself lifted at all. I felt a terrible pain in my scapulae and shoulders when I tried to straighten my elbows. [...]

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Why we chant OM

My story & OM Early on in my yoga teaching practice, I often opted out of chanting the OM with my students as I was worried that they might start laughing and would break the sacredness of the practice. It did not take me long to realize that without OM I wasn’t teaching with [...]

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Mantra for Unity

Today I felt truly inspired by this song, an amazing prayer and mantra for the unity of mankind that I listened to and chanted after my yoga practice. How powerful is prayer when chanted! How powerful is the meaning of these words when repeated over and over. What [...]

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Yoga for period pain

Good Morning Yoga Goddesses! Nature designed the feminine monthly cycle with the aim to cleanse and renew our whole being, an excellent opportunity for us to slow down, to retreat and to let go. It is a time to rest and recharge, a time to opt for gentle yin yoga favoring forward bends and [...]

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Heart Opener Yoga Poses

What could be a better testimonial for the practice of hatha yoga than the blissful faces stepping out of a yoga studio… reflecting a radiant heart that had just been opened and filled with light and love. How many of us have walked into a yoga class worn-out and anti-social and have transformed [...]

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How FitYoga teacher training makes you unique on the market?

It is my absolute passion to train and share my love of yoga and expertise with new students and watch them go on to become inspirational and high quality teachers. FitYoga has been some 30+ years in the making and all of my experiences both in and outwith the health, wellness and spiritual fields have [...]

How FitYoga teacher training makes you unique on the market?2017-08-25T13:52:23+00:00
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