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Power Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training in the Heart of the Mediterranean, Malta

FitYoga, developed by Balazs Heller, is a Dynamic Power Vinyasa Flow sequence that fuses creative flows, powerful holds and Pilates-inspired core exercises into a unique sequence.
Total of 200-HRS including home study, essays & curriculum materials

8.00-8.15 Prayers, Meditation & Pranayama

8.30-10.00 FitYoga Group session & Teaching practice

10.00-10.15 Break

10.15-13.00 Lectures

13.00-14.15 Vegan Lunch Break (lunch provided)

14.15-15.45 Lectures

15.45-16.00 Break

16.00-17.00 FitYoga Teaching Practice

Compulsory Fit Yoga Lessons or Meditation practice might be added twice a week.

100% Attendance (unless agreed)

Practical Teaching Technique Exam

3-4 hrs Exam completion.

Home Study including test questions & essays.

Daily Karma yoga practice

Tuition fee: 2600 EUR (with vegan lunch, no accommodation)
with shared accommodation: 2990 EUR (with vegan lunch, with accommodation for 19 nights)
with private accommodation: 3190 EUR (with vegan lunch, with accommodation for 19 nights)

We accept payment in two parts.

The tution fee can be paid through PayPal or by credit card. The course can also be purchased on our website.

The Fees Cover:

18 days Intensive Training

Reiki I. Certification

FitYoga Certification

Daily Vegan Lunch!

Daily Smoothie

Study Materials
19 nights accommodation

Please fill out our application form here:

200hour FitYoga Teacher Training Application Form

For further questions please contact Balazs or Karin Heller on

+356 9999 1844.

You can also Skype us, our username is worldcitizen19810823

or send us an email:

Once the application form is approved, you just need to pay the application fee.

Yoga Alliance is a non-profit organization that supports yoga teachers and the diversity and integrity of yoga. Their mission is to lead the yoga community, set standards, foster integrity, provide resources, and uphold the teachings of yoga.

Yoga Alliance registers both individual yoga teachers and yoga teacher training programs who have complied with minimum educational standards established by the organization.

Teachers registered in yoga alliance are authorized to use the initials “r.y.t.” (registered yoga teacher) after their name, or the initials “e-r.y.t.” (experienced registered yoga teacher) if they have significant teaching experience in addition to training.

Upcoming dates for 2018 in Malta:
4-23 February
1-20 May
1-20 June
1-20 October

The curriculum of the training program is designed in accordance with the 200-hour Yoga Alliance requirements and it delivers a vast material on yoga alignment, pranayama, meditation, yoga philosophy, yoga history, reiki energy healing, yoga anatomy, injuries and yoga therapy.
Have a look at our CURRICULUM here.

We have delivered over ten teacher trainings in the past two years, read about other’s experiences here:


We joyfully welcome you to our Intensive Yoga Teacher Training in Malta, Europe in 2017. Join us to practice yoga by the sea in the mornings, to soak up the sun raising our vibrations, and to dive with the fish by the rocks in clear waters. The dynamic nature of the FitYoga Sequence is well compensated by meditation, Reiki, spiritual workshops and philosophy talks. Special attention is paid to alignment and modifications, that makes our program available for both beginners and intermediate practitioners.

Start teaching yoga in 3 weeks! Our Intensive Yoga Teacher Training in Malta will teach you correct alignment, injury management, hand-on adjustments and more…so you will be ready to teach right away.

Practicing Yoga by the Sea with Balazs Heller

Yoga Lessons in the Sun by the Sea

Practicing yoga by the sea under the sun is very special. The breezes of fresh air uplift our whole energetic system and the loving rays of the sun bring us joy. Whenever the weather and the curriculum allows it we start the day by the sea. After a short break we continue our philosophy lessons and alignment workshops indoors.

Wholefood Plant based Alkalizing Nutrition

We at Fityoga Teacher  Training believe that exercise, meditation and nutrition go hand in hand. To maximize the benefits of our physical and spiritual practice we pay special attention to the right nutrition. Our meals are clean and cruelty-free, nutritious, with adequate amounts of greens, vegetable proteins and healthy oils. We often serve delicious smoothies too! All homemade with love and patience.


Top 5 Reasons to complete your teacher training in Malta

  • Malta is the warmest country in Europe with the most sunshine throughout the year.
  • Malta is the most affordable English speaking country in Europe.
  • Malta is easily accessible by most airlines from most European capitals.
  • Maltese locals are very friendly, easy going and spiritual
  • The oldest megalithic temples in the world and amazingly clear beaches are found here


The Maltese Islands are truly one of a kind! From ancient temples, aquamarine lagoons, fossil-studded cliffs, sparkly hidden coves to stunning architecture, thrilling diving and snorkeling opportunities and a history of remarkable intensity. You can also immerse yourself in an array of holistic and spiritual events to really deepen your practice and steep your soul.

People here are relaxed warm and welcoming and speak many languages fluently! The country is Roman Catholic, with some stunning churches towering over quaint villages. But there’s also an intriguing mix of cultures that’s developed over generations. The Malti language sounds Arabic, but has flecks of Italian, French and English words, and local food studded with Sicilian and Middle Eastern flavours. Even the colorful local fishing boats are abundant in history, painted with eyes as their Phoenician predecessors’ were several millennia ago.

Valetta and other major towns are full of charm and history, and every village hides treasures in their tiny side streets! You’re never far from the Mediterranean in Malta, and in Gozo, you can see the sea from almost everywhere you go. The islands’ beaches are small and perfectly formed; there are also some beautiful coves and warm aquamarine water to swim in.

Venue for Lectures and Accommodation

Although we love practicing yoga by the sea, we spend quite some time indoors as we use a projector to present our lectures visually. The venue is just couple steps away from the sea, and it has a great space for indoor practice, as well as a comfortable area for meals. It is also here where we offer modern accommodation to our international students based on shared or single occupancy.

  • We reserve the right to change the venue if the owner of this venue changes their plans. In that case we would book a similar venue.