Our yoga training curriculum will guide you through the basic principles of yoga philosophy, energy healing, anatomy, hands on adjustment, pranayama and meditation techniques, injury management and practical spirituality. This unique holistic yoga instructor program is suitable for those who want to become professional teachers as well as students who seek a deeper understanding of Yoga & self-awareness to transform their life from the inside out.



Students will learn the powerful set of the 90 minute FitYoga sequence and its modifications for different levels. The curriculum also covers healing sequences for back pain, shoulder/wrist/neck/knee injuries.



Students will study correct alignment of different yoga asanas, including how to use bandhas and drishtis, how to use body energetics and breathwork, and  how to adjust others in the poses. We will learn how to combine asanas with pilates exercises to create dynamic fityoga sequences.



Will reveal the differences and similarities of Yoga and Pilates and how to effectively combine the two methods. We will learn a variety of core exercises for the abdominals and also how to perform lower back strengthening yoga asanas “the Pilates-way”.

anatomy yoga


The three anatomy workshops will help you refresh you knowledge about bones, muscles and joints and their interaction. You will gain more insight into the injuries and special conditions that your students may be dealing with, and you will learn about the various risk factors associated with asana practice, as well as strategies that can help prevent injury.


Raw Vegan Alkalizing Nutrition

This transformational workshop will reveal the secret of alkaline eating and how to to keep yourself forever young, healthy & energetic. Topics include: the spiritual aspects of food, the psychology and physiology of human digestion, the pH balance of the body. We will learn about alkaline vs acidic foods, raw vs cooked foods, super foods, enzymes and about common nutrition lies (protein, dairy, meat, fish, vitamins, etc). This hands on workshop will teach you all about cleansing, detoxing, natural weight-loss and what/how to juice, blend everyday.


Self-Realization Workshops

Balazs pulls you out of your comfort zone and shakes you up to realize your full potential in your life. His dynamic energy, inspiring stories and uplifting teachings will inspire and have you springing into action to create the life you always wished for. You will learn how to literally transform fear into your personal power, so you will start taking the steps you need to manifest your desires. We will work deeply towards achieving deeper awareness and understanding on what you truly want in life & your path to obtaining it. These workshops will help you gain confidence, stability and constant growth; you will feel alive again even on the deepest level.


Energy Healing- Reiki Attunement

On completion of the Reiki Level 1 course you will receive your attunement to use effectively the Universal Life force energy that surrounds us all. You will mostly be able to effectively use Reiki healing energy on yourself, however if you decide to continue with Level 2 you will be also able to use healing on others. You will le you to learn about chakras, their function, their imbalances and their connection to reiki.


Journey to the light within – The 5 Koshas

‘Are you your body? Are you energy? Are you your personality? Or is there something else? Through exploring the five layers or koshas of our human existence we will discover our true higher being and how it is different from what we think ourselves to be. The workshop will introduce you to the alchemy of our human existence, the creation of the universe, vibration, the five elements, the gunas and the circle of life. Our topic will gently unfold into a deep conversation about the reason we are here on earth.

The 5 vital energies in our body -The Vayus

We will discuss in more details the pranamaya kosha and the related five vayus (winds) of energy flow, the effects blockages have on our body, mind and spirit and how different asanas can help release these energy blockages. The second part of the workshop gives a basic introduction to the nadis system or energy highway of the human body, explores ida and pingala imbalances in the human body and teaches how to deal with these imbalances through pranayama breathing techniques.


Yoga Philosophy & Yoga Sutras

In the West yoga is known only as a physical practice, but in reality it is a vast collection of spiritual principles and practices aimed at integrating mind, body and spirit to achieve a state of enlightenment or oneness with the universe. The aim of this workshop is to introduce you the traditional yoga philosophy, to have a better understanding on how to implement the ancient spiritual teachings into our modern everyday life. We will examine the four goals (purushartas) of human life; and the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali (5 yamas & niyamas) defined literally as “the path to transcendence”.

Turn your world around- The five koshas

According to the Sutras, the five kleshas, or mental obstacles are the driving force behind our thoughts. Our thoughts impede our path toward bliss and enlightenment by creating a negative and painful mental field. Our purpose is to spot our thinking mind and to mindfully overcome those thoughts. This workshop will teach us how to recognize and dissolve these afflictions through the practice of yoga.


The 3 Doshas & Ayurvedic Nutrition

You will be introduced to the basic principles of Ayurveda, the 5 Tattvas, the 3 Doshas, their qualities and attributes. After the workshop you will be able to distinguish and identify each Dosha & how they manifest in people’s body and mind, and in every living thing around us. We will learn how to harmonize Doshic imbalances through lifestyle changes, yoga and nutrition and how to balance yogic and ayurvedic nutrition.


Prenatal  Yoga

On this workshop you will experience a full prenatal yoga lesson and prenatal meditation.We will discuss body and mental changes of pregnancy, possible challenges and injuries. We will learn breathing techniques and how to adapt supported balances, standing, seated and lateral poses to pregnancy. (This workshop does not qualify students to become prenatal yoga instructors!)

sound healing-training

Sound Healing & Meditation

This workshop gives a thorough introduction to the basics of sound healing and to various sound healing instruments. You will have the opportunity to learn to play on Tibetan singing bowls and how to use them as part of your yoga lesson. The talk will be followed by a long sound meditation session with instruments and chanting.