Dear Applicant,

Congratulations on your decision to become a FitYoga® teacher.

What an amazing life-changing journey you’re about to begin! We truly believe that choosing our program is one of the best choices you can make if you are looking for a holistic Mind-Body-Spirit transformation and if you want to teach yoga on a professional level integrating Hatha Yoga, dynamic Vinyasa Flow, Pilates-inspired core exercises, self-empowering Life Coaching, Whole-food Plant-Based nutrition, Reiki Level 1 attunement and so much more. This program is designed to give you a holistic skillset to become a yoga teacher and to live the yogi lifestyle with passion. Remember the best teachers are the best students and what makes you successful is not only what you teach but who you are!

Below is an electronic application form, but please note that you MUST also include a Reference Letter (from your yoga teacher or other personal reference) and a photo (your face is showing) with your application.

Join our program in 5 easy steps

Step 1: Please fill out this application form.

Step 2: Email us one photo and a reference letter.

Step 3: Set-up an appointment for a 15-30 minutes Skype interview with Balazs Heller, Director of the FitYoga® Teacher Training program to get to know each other better and to have all your questions answered directly by Balazs.

Step 4: Once your application form is accepted, you will just need to settle the tuition fee. Once payment is received your placement is secured.

Step 5: Get your airfare

Please complete the application form below to the best of your ability. There are no right or wrong answers, so please just be honest and clear with your responses. None of your responses will exclude you from being accepted into the program. Any and all information provided by you will remain confidential.

We look forward to having you on our upcoming  FitYoga® Teacher Training program.

Balazs & Karin Heller
+356 9999 1844


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    Please note that none of your responses will exclude you from being accepted into the program. Any and all information provided by you will remain confidential.

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    11. Why are you interested in our FitYoga Teacher Training program?

    12. What are your expectations for this training? What do you hope to achieve at the completion of the program?

    13. What would you like to do after the completion of the program? (multiple options applicable) (required)

    Start to teach YogaPractice more and attend further teacher trainings to get certified 500 hrs teacherI am not sureI don’t want to teach yoga

    14. What are your TOP 3 personal goals for the next ten years?

    15. Who are your top 3 spiritual gurus/authors/inspirational speakers who transformed your life?

    16. Do you follow any spiritual practice?

    17. What are your top 3 spiritual films/documentaries?

    18. What are your top 3 spiritual books?


    Please complete the medical history section below so that we can be sure to respond to any emergencies should they occur during your training. Please note that none of your responses will exclude you from being accepted into the program. Any and all information provided by you will remain confidential.

    1. How would you evaluate your current health? (required)

    2. Any Health Challenges

    3. Do you suffer from any of the following conditions: (required)

    EpilepsyDiabetesPregnant, or plan to become pregnant during the course of the trainingNone of these to my knowledge

    4. Are you under the care of a physician and/or mental health care professional, currently or during the past 2 years? (required)

    5. Please list and medication(s) you are taking prescribed by your physician or mental health care professional:

    6. What diet are you following at the moment? (required)


    If you know anyone from your social circles (friends, family) who would like to learn about our program please fill out the following spreadsheet so we can contact her/him with the program. Once the person you wrote down on the list join the program you get 300 euros commission form his/her tuition fee to acknowledge your initiative.


















    I understand that this teacher training course will be both physically and mentally challenging, with two, 90-minute yoga practice daily along with 5-6 hours of required class and workshop time.

    I understand that cigarettes, alcohol, and illegal drugs will NOT be permitted for the duration of the training. Students who cannot comply with this rule will be asked to leave.

    I take full responsibility for my own health and well-being during the course and will not hold FitYoga or any of the teaching staff responsible for injuries or other medical problems that might occur.

    I understand that the course deposit of 560 EUR is non-refundable and that remaining tuition paid is 100% refundable up until 60 days before course start date, after which time, it becomes non-refundable as well.

    I understand that FitYoga International follows the curriculum guidelines of the Yoga Alliance; and therefore, requires all participants to show up, participate, and commit 100% to the course. Students who give 100% will almost certainly graduate successfully. Those who do not may jeopardize their certification.

    I understand that a positive, team-oriented, optimistic attitude is a requirement for all attendees. Disruptive, rude, or negative behavior will not be tolerated and may result in removal from the course.


    A deposit and the Enrolment Agreement is due with your application in order to secure your space in the training. If you choose to pay the deposit or the full payment at this time (please indicate below). Full payment is required no later than the 1 month before the program starts. We accept cash and online payment (PayPal, Visa and MasterCard) through our website:


    All the personal information provided above is true to the best of my knowledge. I accept the Cancellation Policy which states that if I withdraw prior to the start of the program, I can either request to join another date or I will be refunded my deposit minus the registration fee. Once I start the program there is no refund available. The program requires commitment, truthfulness, gratitude and clear intention. The training is a holistic program which encourages personal transformation on many levels so I will follow the program and fulfil the requirements to the best of my abilities. Once all the requirements are fulfilled, certification will occur.