Our Intensive 200 hours Yoga Teacher Certification program enables you to become a certified international Fit Yoga Instructor in Malta, Europe.

You will be empowered to teach yoga all over the world and you will acquire a complete Mind-Body-Spirit toolkit to transform your life and the lives of others through: yoga asanas, spiritual coaching and whole-food plant-based nutrition. As an addition to your FitYoga certification you will also become a certified Reiki Energy Healer Level 1, so you can consciously use energy for self-healing!

Although the program is suitable for all levels, it is highly recommended to build-up your fitness level before you start the program.The curriculum of the training program is designed in accordance with the 200 hour Yoga Alliance requirements.

FitYoga is a powerful fusion of Power Vinyasa Flow & Pilates Conditioning developed in 2010 by Balazs Heller former gymnastics & European Yoga Asana Champion.


8.00-8.15 Prayers, Meditation & Pranayama
8.15-9.45 FitYoga & Teaching practice on the beach
9.45-10.00 Vegan Smoothie Break
10.00-13.00 Lecture
13.00-13.45 Vegan Lunch
14.15-16.00 Lecture / Alignment / Satsang
(Evening programs 3 times a week)

100% Attendance (unless agreed)
Practical Teaching Technique Exam
3-4 hrs Exam completion. Home Study including test questions & essays. Daily Karma yoga practice.

Tuition fee without accommodation inc. daily vegan lunch: €2750
Tuition fee with shared accommodation inc. daily vegan lunch: €2990
Tuition fee with private accommodation inc. daily vegan lunch: €3170

– Tuition fee includes accommodation (optional), Smoothie for breakfast, Vegan lunch, manual, lectures, rights to use the FitYoga sequence all around the world, Reiki Level 1 Certification. FitYoga Certification approved by Yoga Alliance, one Trekking Tour with Balazs and lots of hands-on adjustments

Payment Plan is available on request.
The tuition fee can be paid through bank transfer, through PayPal or on our website with your credit card.
We offer payment plans to settle tuition fee in 2-5 settlements. To secure your place we request a non-refundable deposit of 500 euros which we deduct from the tuition fee. We request that the full payment is settled by latest the 1st day of the training.

The course can also be purchased on our website.


20 days intensive training: daily yoga practice, lectures
Reiki I. Certification
FitYoga Certification accredited by Yoga Alliance
Daily Vegan Lunch!
Daily Smoothie for breakfast
Study Materials: FitYoga Manual, FitYoga sequence
19 nights shared or private accommodation

Are you looking for a significant change in your life?

¤ transform your life
¤ increase your yoga knowledge
¤ inspire students
¤ live your passion
¤ travel and work worldwide
¤ enjoy flexible hours
¤ keep yourself healthy and fit
¤ work in a positive environment

Yoga Alliance is a non-profit organization that supports yoga teachers and the diversity and integrity of yoga. Their mission is to lead the yoga community, set standards, foster integrity, provide resources, and uphold the teachings of yoga.

Yoga Alliance registers both individual yoga teachers and yoga teacher training programs who have complied with minimum educational standards established by the organization.


Teachers registered in yoga alliance are authorized to use the initials “r.y.t.” (registered yoga teacher) after their name, or the initials “e-r.y.t.” (experienced registered yoga teacher) if they have significant teaching experience in addition to training.


How to Enroll / Application Form

Why should I join?

At FitYoga we are fully aware that everyone has a story…

Perhaps you have found yourself stuck in a boring or stressful job, you might be tired of not making a difference or helping others the way you wish you could. Maybe you have been dreaming about turning your passion into your profession but you are not sure where to start. Whatever your story, we know exactly what you are going through and it is our passion to help aspiring yoga teachers and spiritual seekers to transform their lives through our unique yoga teacher program.

FitYoga Teacher Training is so much than your ordinary instructor program as it has been specially designed to meet the needs of today’s modern day challenges and opportunities, giving you a holistic toolkit to make a huge impact in your own and others lives. There is a massive demand out there for authentic and inspiring yoga teachers who can truly guide their students off the mat as well as on it! FitYoga training provides you with the skills and knowledge to grow into a positive and confident person, create a rewarding yoga business and to inspire your clients to live a healthy and happy life.


Fit Yoga is a dynamic fusion of Power Vinyasa Yoga, Pilates & Core Toning; a complete mind-body-spirit workout to release stress, tone up, and sweat with pleasure. Fit Yoga is designed for people who want to get the relaxing, releasing and rejuvenating effect of yoga while having a physically demanding core work-out.


The FitYogi Nutrition is an essential part of the FitYoga Teacher Training program.

Balazs and his wife Karin, will invite you over their kitchen to show you in a 5 hours workshop the principles on Fityogi Nutrition, how to prepare your healthy food and get rid of all your toxins throughout the program.

FitYoga Nitrition & Detox Program


This program is suitable for those who want to become professional teachers as well as students who seek a deeper understanding of Yoga & Self-Awareness to transform their life from the inside out.

FitYoga Teacher Training integrates: the fityoga sequence, core strength & alignement, pilates core workshop, yoga anatomy, raw vegan alkalizing nutrition, self realization workshops, energy healing – reiki attunemet, energetic anatomy, yoga philosophy & yogi lifestyle, the 3 doshas & ayurvedic nutrition, prenatal yoga, sound healing & meditation, mantras & bhakti yoga.

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