We offer Reiki Energy Healing and
Reiki Practitioner & Initiation Courses in Malta.

Reiki will reduce stress and promote physical and spiritual healing by increasing and balancing the life energy in your body. Reiki Initiations will enable you to start working with Reiki on all levels of healing: Mind, Body, Emotions, Thoughts, Feelings and Spiritually or Intuitively.


Reiki Level 1 students spend an initial period receiving broad information on Usui Reiki. This includes the history, the nature of the energy, how it is passed on and how it interacts with the body. Following the Level 1 attunement the Reiki energy begins to work within the student. The combination of the teaching and the Reiki attunement naturally stimulates the student to work with Reiki on all levels of healing: Mind, Body, Emotions, Thoughts, Feelings and Spiritually or Intuitively.

The other main aspect of the teaching is the Practical side. After a demonstration there is a practice session. The Manual provided covers the course content and so is always there for you as a reference. Following your attunement you will begin to be aware of changes occurring on all levels. Support for your development is ongoing. Although the main reason for Level 1 is for personal use, you are able to give Reiki treatments to family and friends. There are no requirements to join the course other than a desire to be connected to this natural healing energy.


Reiki Level 2 Practitioner training is an attractive progression for anyone who has completed Reiki level 1 It is generally known as the Practitioner level and it is generally expected that you should be trained to this level if you plan to offer Reiki to clients.

As a result of an additional Reiki attunement you will increase your own personal Reiki energy, gain a deeper understanding of Reiki and will heighten your Reiki abilities. You will learn how to use the Reiki symbols to ‘power up’ your Reiki energies and you will also be able to send Reiki across a distance to people, animals or situations. We also cover professional practice and client consultation.


The joys of becoming a Reiki Master are many and you don’t necessarily have to teach in order for the Master training to be useful. The additional healing energy, symbols, techniques and knowledge will add value to your healing abilities. Treating yourself, giving yourself and others healing attunements and treating others in person and at a distance will all be noticeably improved. The fact that you can pass Reiki on to friends and family is also a definite plus. Many take the Master training with just this in mind. However, if you ever decide to formally teach, you will be able to do so. As each person takes the Reiki Master training, and increases their personal vibration, this adds to the vibration of the whole planet!

One of the greatest joys of Reiki Mastership is teaching Reiki to others. Imagine the thrill of witnessing the members of your Reiki class receiving Reiki energy during the attunement. Then, as you guide them in its use, sharing in their joy and amazement as they experience it’s gentle power flowing though them for the first time. As your students use Reiki to help family, friends and clients, a wonderful sense of spiritual connection will develop between all of you. Feelings of compassion and love for everyone will be strengthened as you merge with the Reiki Consciousness and know more deeply that we come from God and that we are all one in God.



Reiki is a method of stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. The technique was developed in Japan and is administered by the laying on of hands. It is based on the idea that all living things have a special energy flowing through them called life energy. When your life energy is high, you’ll feel strong and confident, be more relaxed and centered and less likely to get sick. When it is low, you’ll often feel tired, be more easily affected by stress and less resistant to illness.

Reiki is a Japanese word that comes from two words – Rei and ki. In the Japanese language, these words can mean different things depending on how they are used and how they are combined with other words. When they are used together for the practice of healing, the word Rei means universal spirit, Higher Power or God. The word ki refers to the life energy that flows through all living things. Therefore, Reiki means life energy that is guided by God. Some also feel this is just another way of saying Holy Spirit.


A Reiki treatment is a way of increasing your life energy. A practitioner will transmit Reiki to the client through the hands. The hands are lightly placed on or near the body in various positions around the head, shoulders, stomach and feet. Sometimes a practitioner will also treat above the body.

A treatment can feel like a warm glowing radiance that flows through the body. It is a very relaxing experience and some clients report the body feeling heavy as it relaxes and yet the spirit or emotions feeling light at the same time.


A treatment will usually release negative feelings or thoughts leaving the client feeling more positive, light hearted and with feelings of well-being.

Healing often takes place and people have reported recovery from minor things like headache, stomachache, bee stings etc., but also major illnesses have been affected with some people recovering from heart disease, cancer, leukemia etc.

While almost everyone experiences relaxation and improvements of various kinds, healing results cannot be guaranteed. It is recommended that if one has an illness or other medical or psychological condition that in addition to getting Reiki treatments, clients also consult a licensed physician or other licensed health care professional as Reiki works well in conjunction with all medical or psychological care.


Reiki gives you the opportunity to

  • treat yourself as well as others
  • support your own health and well being
  • provide yourself with a constant first aid kit from your hands
  • raise your level of awareness, self-esteem and self-love/respect
  • help you to relate more harmonious to your surroundings
  • treat animals and plants

Reiki treatments may

  • provide stress reduction and relief from tension and pain
  • improve the quality of sleep
  • enhance your personal growth
  • promote the rapid healing of injuries such as cuts and burns
  • improve post-operative recovery
  • restore your feeling of inner peace and harmony.


It is very simple, just book your first session HERE

and we will contact you with our availability within 24 hours.

During the one-hour treatment, you gain the physiological benefits of three to four hours of sleep. Usually you will feel relaxed and balanced afterwards. Before and after the session make sure to drink a lot of water.


VENUE: Yogi Family Residence in SAN GWANN, Malta


As we have limited numbers on each course we accept only prepaid enrollments.

For more details please contact

Balazs (Malta):
+356 99991844

We need minimum 2 people to organize a Reiki Course on each level and it is limited to maximum 9 people.Courses are always on the weekend. Your registration is complete once the course fee is settled. If you would like to meet with Balazs and discuss with him your questions, just give him a call for setting an appointment. Beside online payment we also accept cheque or cash at a convenient venue. 


The beauty of Reiki is its simplicity. Anyone can learn to use Reiki, including children. Reiki is not a cult or religion, so it may benefit anyone regardless of beliefs. The only way to acquire Reiki is through attunements, carried out by a traditional Reiki Master.

Once attuned to Reiki, you can treat both yourself and others with this gentle, yet profound energy. During a Reiki treatment the hands are placed lightly on the body and remain still in different positions.

The great advantage of Reiki is the easy way for everybody to practice self-treatments.


Are you a Reiki Level I-II-III practitioner?

Would you like to practice and experience empowering group healing sessions? Would you like to meet like minded people and learn more about energy healing and deepen your spiritual understanding on related topics?

If yes, come and join our Reiki Club Malta meetings each month . To become part of the club just simply send us an email to junglespiritmalta(at) to register you and send you all the details. You can also join our regular Spiritual Film Club Malta events. Here you can see top 20 spiritual films we have already screened.

For upcoming Reiki & Yoga Retreats contact Balazs Heller on +356 9999 1844



Founder of FitYoga, Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher (RYT-500)
Former European Bikram Yoga Champion & Gymnastics Champion of Hungary
Life Coach, NLP practitioner, Massage Therapist & Vegan Activist

From age seven Balazs was trained to become a professional gymnast in Hungary. Throughout his 13 years of professional gymnastics career he went through an intensive physical and spiritual transformation thanks to his daily 3-6 hours trainings, meditation and his spiritual quest to self-realization which contributed greatly to his athletic success to become junior Gymnastics Champion of Hungary at age 14 and defended his title for several years.

After gymnastics Balazs traveled and lived in different countries to continue his search for the purpose of life. He was introduced to yoga and to Reiki as a healing method from his sport injuries which have instantly became the center of his life. After his Reiki 1 initiation in Dublin in 2009 a huge shift happened in his life. He quite his soul-draining 8 to 5 job and decided to move to Malta to set up his holistic Yoga-Pilates center to teach people how to stay fit, how to heal themselves with the power of Reiki and educate his clients about Alkalizing Whole-Food Plant-Based Nutrition. His Reiki Level II & III attunement was initiated in Malta and since then he is giving Reiki Courses on all the 3 levels.

Beside Reiki Balazs gives regular spiritual workshops on The Art of Self-Realization and Yoga Philosophy which is strongly linked to his regular Reiki Level I-II-III Courses. Balazs also created his own Yoga style, based on the chakra system, called FitYoga where he integrated his physical and energetic body awareness with traditional Yoga and modern Pilates elements. FitYoga became the most popular yoga style on the island. He also gives FitYoga Teacher Training programs to certify FitYoga instructors around the world. The program includes Reiki Level 1 initiation as a beautiful gift to his FitYoga students.

Balazs is running JungleSpirit Fitness & Yoga Centre ( which is Malta’s largest yoga center. He has two children who are also raised up on whole-food plant-based diet. Balazs and his family are living examples on how easy it is to keep fit & healthy while living an alkaline lifestyle. Knowledge is power, come and learn the secrets of health.