Let’s See What People Have To Say?

Read and watch a couple of our testimonials to get the feel of what our yoga teacher training is about, what other people liked most, what inspired them and what it is in it for you!


Timi Yogi“Balazs Heller’s FitYoga classes are absolutely beyond comparison. So Extremely powerful, professional, creative, extraordinarily phenomenal, absolutely transformational and great fun, that words are not even close to describe.

He`s got all what it takes to give your body a complete workout while creating balance between mind body and soul. The beginning and ending meditations with the Tibetan singing bowls are very relaxing with deeply healing effects. Five Stars!”


Timea Farkas, Dance & Yoga Teacher, Founder of True Bliss Fitness in Ireland


Steve-Abela“I enjoy Balazs training so much that I included it into my training program for my members which they enjoy as much as I do.”




ray150“The FitYoga class conducted by Balazs is a well balanced class mainly blended with basic yoga postures and other exercises. The class is very flowing with postures that really challenge your body. The environment is great with Balazs managing to create the right yogic atmosphere with his voice projection.”



Felisia-Sammut“Through Fityoga, I have learnt the importance of physical and spiritual balance in my life. Balazs is an incredibly gifted yoga teacher and a constant inspiration through his patience, enthusiasm and positivism towards life. I always look forward to the fityoga classes as its a time when everything comes to a halt and I just relax, clear my mind and enjoy. I would recommend his class to anyone from a first-time student to a professional. It simply has the perfect balance of meditation and physical endurance but it is taught in such a relaxing and therapeutic manner, you hardly realize how hard you are working.”
Felisia Sammut, Sales Executive


Holly-Mitchell“It is great to have someone like Balazs in Malta. I have tried for months to find a yoga class that suites me and Balazs’ FitYoga does exactly what I want. It strengthens and tones, realigning the muscles and Balazs is both a professional and great interactive teacher to work with.”
Holly Mitchell, hammphotography


sandy-t“Within five minutes of a Fit Yoga class with Balazs Heller I feel the day’s stress level dropping and my mind beginning to change focus. With his soothing voice I become aware of my body, mind and movement. Thanks to his challenging classes, I become more flexible and toned.

His classes help to draw parallels to what happens on the yoga mat to other aspects of my life, most noticeably an increased awareness of the importance of patience, not being consumed on the outcome of events and embracing change. By the end of the class, I am energised and at peace with myself and my day, ready for what the next day may bring.”


SimonPaulSutton-s“Balazs’ FitYoga class is a total mind body spirit experience. I love his mantra, ‘Balance on the mat, Balance in your life’ and it is so true. His sessions and his being have contributed to me loving the relationship I have with myself on and off the mat.

He also made me understand that you don’t need to become more, you are already enough and his classes always have a way of taking you deeper within the human experience. Balazs is a true expert in his field on so many levels.”


Rosita-Jan“Balazs Heller is a living example of what it means to be a yogi not only on the mat, but also how to invite yoga into your everyday life. He inspires his students to explore themselves through the world of Yoga. His passion for physical, mental and spiritual well-being is greatly felt throughout his teachings. Balazs’ FitYoga classes will not only improve your muscle tone, strength and flexibility, but will help you to understand yourself better in your own spiritual journey.”

Rosita Jan, Yoga Instructor


Rosita-Jan“Balazs’ FitYoga style is a dynamic combination of Yoga asanas, Pilates conditioning and Flowing Vinyasa elements to create a comprehensive Mind-Body-Spirit connection awakening our true self. Balazs’ professional gymnastics background is a guarantee for his precision, right technique and high level of body consciousness when it comes to hands-on adjustments.”


“Balazs’ dedication and professionalism is very evident in the confidence he has in attending to each participant on every level. Malta has finally found a Yoga teacher for every personality don’t miss out …. he is excellent”
Nadya Vella


“Balazs is a wonderfully energizing teacher who kept us moving and created so much energy that I was warm the whole time. The class was with a great mix of classic and more unusual poses. We had a mixed group of different abilities, but we all got something great out of the class, which was held outside.”
Linda Gies


“FitYoga is a great workout/stretch where you feel that you are using all the muscles in you body without the impact. Balazs is a very attentive coach and he gives everyone individual attention. Great class Great place… Why not join us!”
Christine Apap