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Top 5 Reasons to complete your teacher training in Malta:

  • Malta is the warmest country in Europe with the most sunshine throughout the year.
  • Malta is the most affordable English speaking country in Europe.
  • Malta is easily accessible by most airlines from most European capitals.
  • Maltese locals are very friendly, easy going and spiritual
  • Malta has the oldest megalithic temples in the world and amazingly clear beaches


FitYoga summer training takes place in the beautiful island of Malta, where you can experience our amazing yoga course and explore all the delights of this tiny country… The Maltese Islands are truly one of a kind! From ancient temples, aquamarine lagoons, fossil-studded cliffs, sparkly hidden coves to stunning architecture, thrilling diving and snorkeling opportunities and a history of remarkable intensity. You can also immerse yourself in an array of holistic and spiritual events to really deepen your practice and steep your soul.

People here are relaxed warm and welcoming and speak many languages fluently! The country is Roman Catholic, with some stunning churches towering over quaint villages. But there’s also an intriguing mix of cultures that’s developed over generations. The Malti language sounds Arabic, but has flecks of Italian, French and English words, and local food studded with Sicilian and Middle Eastern flavours. Even the colorful local fishing boats are abundant in history, painted with eyes as their Phoenician predecessors’ were several millennia ago.

Valetta and other major towns are full of charm and history, and every village hides treasures in their tiny side streets! You’re never far from the Mediterranean in Malta, and in Gozo, you can see the sea from almost everywhere you go. The islands’ beaches are small and perfectly formed; there are also some beautiful coves and warm aquamarine water to swim in.

Check out these videos to get a taste of Malta!