10-weekend Fityoga Teacher Training Malta

Jan – Apr 2018

Do you want to become a globally accredited yoga teacher in an intensive 10-weekend format? Have you been practicing yoga for at least 6 months?
Would like to deepen your understanding in the Yogic way of life? Do you want to become a globally accredited yoga teacher? Do you want to learn from the founder & master trainer of FitYoga?
Come and join Balazs Heller’s 200-hour FitYoga Teacher Training program on the sunny island of Malta.


FitYoga Teacher Training Magical Transylvania

6-25 August, 2017

We wholeheartedly welcome you to our 200hrs Yoga Teacher Training in Transylvania, Romania in 2017, an integrative dynamic yoga teacher training in Nature.Practice yoga in a quiet valley surrounded by old pines and joyful streams, meditate by the sounds of birds, eat fresh fruits and vegetables locally grown and harvested by the elderly peasants.


Fityoga Teacher Training Malta

1-20 October, 2017

Come and join Balazs Heller’s 20-day holistic 200-hour FitYoga Teacher Training program on the sunny island of Malta. The training includes yoga philosophy, yoga history, yoga anatomy, hands-on adjustments, teaching methodology, spiritual life coaching, Reiki Energy Healing, plant-based nutrion, injury management, the Power Vinyasa FitYoga sequence, asana clinics and so much more.


Fityoga Teacher Training Malta

11-30 November, 2017

Come and join Balazs Heller’s 20-day holistic 200-hour FitYoga Teacher Training program on the sunny island of Malta. The training includes yoga philosophy, yoga history, yoga anatomy, hands-on adjustments, teaching methodology, spiritual life coaching, Reiki Energy Healing, plant-based nutrion, injury management, the Power Vinyasa FitYoga sequence, asana clinics and so much more.



An International Yoga Alliance Accredited Training

Imagine being able to wake up everyday with purpose, clarity, joy and feeling grateful that you are doing something you love whilst helping others. FitYoga Teacher Training will get you ready to teach so you can enjoy one of the most rewarding ‘jobs’ on the planet – Teaching Yoga!

Become one of the first certified international Fit Yoga Instructors in your area in 2017!

FitYoga is a Dynamic Power Vinyasa Flow sequence that fuses creative flows, powerful holds and pilates-inspired core exercises into a unique sequence. FitYoga was developed in 2010 by Balazs Heller former gymnastics & European Yoga Asana Champion with the aim to create an integrative dynamic sequence that would welcome a wide audience of western yoga practitioners.

The comprehensive, intensive FitYoga Teacher Training program enables you to become a certified international 200 hrs FitYoga instructor to teach the FitYoga sequence all over the world and to acquire a complete Mind-Body-Spirit toolkit to transform your life and the life of others through spiritual coachingwhole-food plant-based nutrition and Reiki energy healing. As an addition to your FitYoga certification you will also become a certified Reiki Level 1 energy healer. The program is suitable for all levels, but it is highly recommended to build-up your fitness level before you start the program. The curriculum of the training program is designed in accordance with the 200-hour Yoga Alliance requirements

Total of 200-HRS including home study, essays & curriculum materials

8.00-8.15 Prayers, Meditation & Pranayama

8.30-10.00 FitYoga Group session & Teaching practice

10.00-10.15 Break

10.15-13.00 Lectures

13.00-14.15 Vegan Lunch Break (lunch provided)

14.15-15.45 Lectures

15.45-16.00 Break

16.00-17.00 FitYoga Teaching Practice

Complementary Fit Yoga Lessons might be added some evenings

100% Attendance (unless agreed)

Practical Teaching Technique Exam

3-4 hrs Exam completion. Home Study including test questions & essays. Daily Karma yoga practice

Please fill out our application form here:

200hour FitYoga Teacher Training Application Form

For further questions please contact Balazs or Karin Heller on

+356 9999 1844.

You can also Skype us, our username is worldcitizen19810823

or send us an email:

Once the application form is approved, you just need to pay the application fee.

Yoga Alliance is a non-profit organization that supports yoga teachers and the diversity and integrity of yoga. Their mission is to lead the yoga community, set standards, foster integrity, provide resources, and uphold the teachings of yoga. Yoga Alliance registers both individual yoga teachers and yoga teacher training programs who have complied with minimum educational standards established by the organization.

Teachers registered in yoga alliance are authorized to use the initials “r.y.t.” (registered yoga teacher) after their name, or the initials “e-r.y.t.” (experienced registered yoga teacher) if they have significant teaching experience in addition to training.


How to Enroll / Application Form

FitYoga Teacher Training

Let Your Passion Become Your Profession!

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  • You are going to learn directly from Balazs Heller, founder of FitYoga International, European Yoga Asana Champion & Certified Life Coach.
  • His 25 years of professional gymnastics, Yoga & life coaching knowledge & experience will be taught in an intensive curriculum.
  • FitYoga is a new Yoga style which gives you great advantage on the global market to become unique & different from mainstream yoga teachers.
  • FitYoga is a very dynamic sequence, which makes it easily marketable to western markets. As a matter of fact FitYoga is addictive after the first session.
  • The program is limited to 8 people as we want to give personal attention to our FitYogis to achieve personal and collective transformation.
  • You walk out as a confident, self-aware, ready-to-teach and walk-the-talk FitYoga teacher. Once you are part of the FitYoga family we can support you in becoming a succesful FitYogi.
  • Comprehensive and transformational MIND-BODY-SPIRIT curriculum which teaches you all aspects of a Yogi Lifestyle. As an addition you will be a certified Reiki Level 1 energy healer.
  • Guest speakers will share their expertise in their field, so each day is vibrant and energetic.
  • Vegan lunch is included in our program so all the participants can actually go through Balazs’ Vegan Detox Program which enables you to experience the alkaline yogi lifestyle.
  • Min. 3 hrs daily yoga practice & teaching will give you the confidence & assurance to get ready to teach your own classes.
  • Practical approach in the teaching method so you will learn by practice and by fully engaging with all the activities & daily assignments.
  • The Life Coaching module will help you to transform your life by getting rid of all your self-limiting beliefs, doubts and fears which kept you imprisoned by your EGO.


Top 5 Reasons to complete your teacher training in Malta:

  • Malta is the warmest country in Europe with the most sunshine throughout the year.
  • Malta is the most affordable English speaking country in Europe.
  • Malta is easily accessible by most airlines from most European capitals.
  • Maltese locals are very friendly, easy going and spiritual.
  • Malta has the oldest megalithic temples in the world and amazingly clear beaches.


This program is suitable for those who want to become professional teachers as well as students who seek a deeper understanding of Yoga & Self-Awareness to transform their life from the inside out.


The FitYoga Sequence

Students will learn the powerful set of the 90-minute FitYoga sequence and its modifications for different levels. The curriculum also covers healing sequences for back pain, shoulder/wrist/neck/knee injuries.

Core Strength & Alignment

Students will study correct alignment  of different  yoga asanas, including how  to use bandhas and drishtis, how to use body energetics and breathwork, and  how to adjust others in the poses.

Pilates Core Workshop

Will reveal the differences and similarities of Yoga and Pilates and how to effectively combine the two methods. We will learn a variety of core exercises for the abdominals and also how to perform lower back strengthening yoga asanas “the Pilates-way”.

Yoga Anatomy

You will develop your knowledge of anatomy, gain more insight into the injuries and special conditions that your students may be dealing with, and you will learn about the various risk factors associated with asana practice, as well as strategies that can help prevent injury.

Energy Healing – Reiki Attunement & Energetic Anatomy

On completion of the Reiki Level 1 course you will will learn about chakras, their function, their imbalances and their connection to reiki.
During Energetic Anatomy workshop we will discuss in more details the pranamaya kosha and the related five vayus (winds) of energy flow and how different asanas can help release energy blockages.

Vegan Wholefood Nutrition

Throughout the course we will have a whole-food plant-based lunch. This 5 hour transformational workshop will reveal the secret of alkaline eating and how to to keep yourself healthy & energetic. Topics include: the spiritual aspects of food, the psychology and physiology of human digestion, the concept of alkalizing nutrition.

Yoga Philosophy

The aim of this workshop is to introduce you the traditional yoga philosophy, to have a better understanding on how to implement the ancient spiritual teachings into our modern everyday life.

The 3 Doshas & Ayurvedic Nutrition

You will be introduced to the basic principles of Ayurveda, the 5 Tattvas, the 3 Doshas, their qualities and attributes and will learn how to harmonize Doshic imbalances through lifestyle changes, yoga and nutrition and how to balance yogic and ayurvedic nutrition.

Sound Healing & Meditation

This workshop gives a thorough introduction to the basics of sound healing and to various sound healing instruments. You will have the opportunity to learn to play on Tibetan singing bowls.

Mantras & Bhakti Yoga

Mantra literally means “to protect and purify the mind”. We will learn and practice different types of mantras, and different techniques for how to effectively and accessibly use mantras.

Self-Realization Workshops

Let yourself brake out of your comfort zone and shake yourself up to realize your full potential in your life. You will learn how to literally transform fear into your personal power, so you will start taking the steps you need to manifest your desires. These workshops will help you gain confidence, stability and constant growth; you will feel alive again even on the deepest level.

Prenatal/ Restorative Yoga

On this workshop you will experience a full prenatal yoga lesson and prenatal meditation.We will discuss body and mental changes of pregnancy, possible challenges and injuries.

Let’s See What People Have To Say?

“Balazs Heller’s FitYoga classes are absolutely beyond comparison. So Extremely powerful, professional, creative, extraordinarily phenomenal, absolutely transformational and great fun, that words are not even close to describe.

He`s got all what it takes to give your body a complete workout while creating balance between mind body and soul. The beginning and ending meditations with the Tibetan singing bowls are very relaxing with deeply healing effects. Five Stars!”

Timea Farkas, Dance & Yoga Teacher, Founder of True Bliss Fitness in Ireland

“The FitYoga class conducted by Balazs is a well balanced class mainly blended with basic yoga postures and other exercises. The class is very flowing with postures that really challenge your body. The environment is great with Balazs managing to create the right yogic atmosphere with his voice projection.”

“Within five minutes of a Fit Yoga class with Balazs Heller I feel the day’s stress level dropping and my mind beginning to change focus. With his soothing voice I become aware of my body, mind and movement. Thanks to his challenging classes, I become more flexible and toned.His classes help to draw parallels to what happens on the yoga mat to other aspects of my life, most noticeably an increased awareness of the importance of patience, not being consumed on the outcome of events and embracing change. By the end of the class, I am energised and at peace with myself and my day, ready for what the next day may bring.”

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